The High Life Awaits

Curated suite of facilities for an enviable lifestyle

The hardscape resonates the modern brutalist architecture with colours derived from natural materials of timber and stone and softened by the lush planting surrounding the development. A sense of ‘freedom and peace’ prevails throughout the landscape at Level 1 to 4 on the Ground Scraper.

Through this biophilic approach, the design intent is to create various cozy pocket spaces which enjoy an open garden view and yet remain exclusive and private; minimalist and luxury amidst a tapestry of green topiaries and azure water reminiscence of the innate beauty of the Balmoral

1st Storey

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The linear water feature after the drop off welcomes the residents the calm and reflecting pool overflowing into a long sleek water weir. As one walks along that garden stretch, they would enjoy that soothing sound like a cool breeze created by the water feature. A few steps up, a wide span of greenery under shade surrounding a couple of lounge cabanas, soothes the souls of residents, make them forget hustle and bustle of the outside world.

The lush greenery provides good peripheral buffer and background to create privacy and exclusiveness while the open lawn expands beyond horizon and add depth to the gardens, thus giving the gardens illusion of distended gardens. On the other side of the development is the more active garden where BBQ parties may be held, while kids are having a fun time in the nearby playground. A long linear lawn may serve as a picnic lawn while kids are having a fun time in the nearby playground.

A long linear lawn may serve as a picnic lawn extension of the BBQ pavilion or a kick about space for kids. This linear lawn is given a focal point Lounge Pavilion where one may enjoy the childhood happiness we normally get in using a swing. A feature fitness pavilion is neatly niched overlooking the lawn gardens.


1  Arrival Court (Drop Off Point)

2  Cascade Walk

3  Open Lawn

4  Steam Bath

5  Cabana

6  Generator (Open To Sky)

7  BBQ Terrace

8    Children’s Playground

9    Indoor Gym

10  Picnic Lawn/Dog Run

11  Rest Pavilion

12  Electrical Substation

13  Bin Centre

14  Ventilation Shaft/Opening

4th Storey


15  Rain Dance

16  Kids Pool

17  Pool Deck

18  Pool Garden

19  Clubhouse

20  Outdoor Shower

21  Lap Pool

22  Jacuzzi

23  Wet Pool Deck

24  Communal Dining Pavilion

25  Hammock Grove

26  Viewing Lounge

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The second and third floor is envisioned to have communal terraces with a good view of the surrounding environment. The tranquillity of terraces is  made functional by providing communal lounges, yoga decks and the artistic pebble seats. Green walls also adorn the end balconies as a thrust to the Biophyllic design strategy transforming a simple wall into a living mural.

At the top of the terraced apartment is the highlight of the facilities, an infinity swimming pool integrated with hydro massage pool and wet decks. An acrylic glass wall transforms the swimming pool into a human aquarium. Other amenities like kids’ pool with spouts and a rain dance water feature. A sheltered communal dining pavilion provides a good shaded lounge overlooking the pool and may be used for gourmet parties for special occasions.

Other amenities include an indoor multi- function room, and outdoor lounges in addition to the hammockgarden overlooking the city skyline where residents could enjoy the sunrise and sunsets, and the sense of freedom and peace, unique in the Balmoral experience.